At night between April 7th-8th and 20th, NATO missiles hit the vicinity of the monastery.
Experts are very concerned and fear that the detonations affected the structure and weakened the wall stability.

Ascension church from the east 1206-1217

Ascension church from the south 1206-1217


St Peter 1310

The Zica monastery, with the church of the Ascension, was founded at the beginning of 13th century. Its ktetor (founder) was King Stephen the Firstcrowned. In 1219, after the Serbian Church gained independence, the Zica monastery became the first archbishopric see. The church facades are painted red after Athonite models. At the end of 13th century the monastery was damaged by the  Mongol Raid. It was restored by the King Milutin at the beginning of 14th century. In the main monastery church the superb fresco paintings from 1220 and from the beginning of 14th century are preserved. To the east of the main church, the small church of St. Theodore Thyron and St. Theodore Stratilatos was built in 14th century.

Dormition of the Virgin 1310