On April 30th and May 12th 1999 the Vrsac Fortress was bombed.
The Tower and the ramparts are severely damaged.

Vrsac Tower 15th century

To the east side of the city of Vrsac, on a hill named Kula (Tower), there are the remnants of a smaller medieval fort of an elongated shape with the ramparts adapted to the shape of the plateau - 18 meters wide and 46 meters long. The tower, 20 m high, at the eastern side of the plateau, dominates the whole fortress. It has an irregular rectangular plan. The tower had a ground floor and 3 more levels (storeys) separated with wooden plank floors supported with massive beams. The remains of a fire place with a chimney have been preserved on the third floor, indicating its residential function. The tower dates back to 15th century. It was repaired in 1984 and 1993, and systematic archaeological research inside the fortress have been going on since 1997.