On May 12th 1999 the village of Velika Hoca was bombed by NATO.
We still have no information on possible damage to the monuments.

Velika Hoca


Residential building, beggining of 19th century


Wine cellar, beggining of 19th century


St. John's church, 14th century
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St. Luke's church, 16th century
The village of Velika Hoca is situated south of the city of Orahovac. The village has been famous for its vinyards and fine wines since 12th century. In 1198 the Great Duke Stefan Nemanja donated the products of the whole region to the monastery of Chelandari (Mt. Athos), saying that he himself planted two vineyards. The Nemanja's heirs and other Serbian kings confirmed such a gift to Chelandari, developing the area, which in the medieval times became a strong commercial and cultural centre. Sources mention 12 churches in the village: St. Nicholas', St. John's, St. Stephan's - 14th century, Holy Sunday, St. Paraskeve , St. Anne's, St. Luke's and St. Peter's - 16th century, St Virgin's and St. Elias. The monumental wine cellar of the Decani monastery is in the centre of the village with huge wine barrels up to 5 metre high and 4 metres wide.

St. Nicholas' church, 14th century

St. Stephen's church, 14th century