Fruska Gora Mountain


During repeated NATO bombings the monastery was damaged. The experts surveyed the church and confirmed severe damage of the vaults, arches and fresco paintings.

Novo Hopovo Monastery 1751 engraving

Arial view of the monastery 16th-17th century

Church from the northeast 1576

The Novo Hopovo monastery
, the center of culture and literature, is one of the most prominent monasteries of the Fruska Gora mountain. The new church of St. Nicholas was built in 1576, in place of the older one. It is the finest edifice of the epoch. Its fresco paintings of 1608 are of exceptional artistic value. The iconostasis is the work of a famous Serbian baroque painter Theodore Kracun.

Fresco paintings in the nave of the church 1608


Fresco paintings in the nave of the church
April 1999

Interior of the monastery church
April 1999