On May 11th, during the NATO bombardment of the eastern part of Nis, bombs fell on the archaeological site of Mediana. As the area has not been cleaned of unexploded missiles yet, we still do not have information on possible damages to the site.

Mediana, floor mosaics 4th century

The archaeological site of Mediana is situated at the outskirts of ancient Naissus, as well as the modern city of Nis. Mediana was constructed at the beginning of 4th century, at the time of the Emperor Constantine the Great. It was built as a palace complex where Roman emperors resided during their visits to Naissus. In the central part of the complex is a villa with peristyle, thermae and nymphaeum, covering the area of 99 by 63 meters. Around this central villa, smaller villas and subsidiary buildings are situated. The palace complex was richly decorated with frescoes, mosaics and sculptures. It was destroyed in 441 A.D. during the Hun Raid.
Archaeological excavations and conservation works on Mediana have been going on since 1960's.